Sony Needs to Play Nice with Cross-Platform Compatibility


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There are probably only two people in the gaming world who didn’t know about the Fallout 76 announcement. It’s going to be a brand new Fallout game that will be focused more on a multi-player experience, where you can play with up to four people in a team, and scavenge the land and survive what dangers there are. It looks great, and hopefully, there is enough to do that makes it a fun game. When this was announced, my best friend asked if I had an Xbox One, because he wanted to play this game with me and his main squeeze. I was hoping to not have to buy another console, because 1. It costs a lot of money and 2. Microsoft said they are working on a new console. Sure, the new console probably won’t be here for a couple of years, but I could avoid all this hassle if Sony would allow cross-platform play between consoles. Sadly, Sony decided to be stubborn and thick-headed, because they still, for one reason or another, won’t allow it. Does Sony not see how this should be progressing gaming, and just because you allow cross-platform play, doesn’t mean people won’t buy your console?


To me, this should be a no brainer. Not everyone can afford the same consoles and games, and people, whether you like it or not, have console preferences. I like my Nintendo and Sony consoles, because they tend to have the games that I want on them and Microsoft doesn’t always offer something that I want. However, the one part that has been holding Sony back is, well, the topic of this editorial, the lack of real cross-platform play. During last year’s E3, Microsoft and the devs behind Rocket League announced that Rocket League and Minecraft would be cross-platform compatible with other Microsoft, PC, and Nintendo consoles. That sounds great doesn’t it? That means people who own those games on those consoles can play together. No real hassle necessary. This year at E3, Epic Games revealed Fortnite was coming to the Nintendo Switch, and people who own the game on Xbox One, PC, Mobile, and Switch will be able to play with each other. Notice the missing console throughout those two massive announcements at the two E3s? Yeah, Sony isn’t there.


I can understand if there is some kind of technical legal stuff they have to go through, but how much easier would it be for me to buy games like Fallout 76 or a game collection like the Borderlands compilation on my PlayStation 4 and not have to worry about not having an Xbox One to play both games and pay for another online service? They need to start getting with the times. It’s already nuts that Sony won’t allow the same freedom of mods like the PC and Xbox One does, but now they won’t let PlayStation 4 players play with their friends who own other consoles? That’s just nutty.


You know what kind of damaging long-term consequences this will have? It’s making me want to quit my PlayStation Plus service, and purchase an Xbox One and an Xbox Live subscription instead. “Oh, but what about all the free games you will miss?”. Yeah, because PlayStation Plus has always had stellar free games on offering…oh wait, no they haven’t. I’ll just play through the free games, delete them, and then buy the ones I liked. I’ll make my Nintendo Switch and Xbox One my multi-player gaming and third-party consoles. I mean, what will happen when the next generation of consoles comes out? Will Sony still be this stubborn goat of a company to not allow it? Then that means I’ll be more likely to buy Microsoft and Nintendo’s newest console over theirs, because they will have cross-platform compatibility. Sure, I might get a Sony console for their variety of console exclusives, but it won’t be for the multi-player!


Overall, this seems like a bad idea to not do what the other companies are doing with cross-platform online play. It makes it easier for everyone to have the console they want, and to be able to play those games with their friends, no matter what. Sony looks like Nintendo before they released the Wii U, or when Microsoft was telling people that couldn’t afford the original nightmarish Xbox One to buy an Xbox 360. It doesn’t make Sony look good, and it sure as heck is really convincing me to buy an Xbox, so I can play Fallout 76 with my friend.