I'm Blacklisting Valve and Steam


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To be frank, I have always had issues with Valve’s Steam service ever since I started to read up about its problems back in 2014. You would think after many years of negative press and scumbag developers getting on the service and breaking every single rule imaginable, Valve would step up and, you know, curate the store so asset flips, toxic developers, toxic individuals, and games that can’t even launch due to missing coding would not be an issue. Sadly, Valve is officially becoming the laziest group of people around, because they think that the community can take care of curating everything, and decided to open the floodgates to allow everything onto the storefront. This recent announcement from the company really just drove in that last nail in the coffin for me. You know what this means? Just like my editorial a few months back, unless something changes, I’m going to be blacklisting Valve and their Steam service.


I mean, how lazy has Valve become to be making literal millions every single day and not know that people are not happy with your service? Do you know how many asset flips make it onto the store? Do you know how many games launch with files missing that make the game work? Do you know how many toxic individuals make it onto the storefront, and delete or block anyone calling them out for their asset flips or disgusting behavior? If this was any other company, they would have been shut down, and all investors would back the heck away from them for future business. I simply do not understand why Valve is so stupidly stubborn to not have a wing or side of their company that specifically handles these situations. Instead, they take days or even weeks and months, to actually deal with any of Steam’s problems. That’s not a good thing. That shows how incredibly incompetent they are at handling their own storefront.


I don’t like blacklisting companies, because there was a time when so many developers could go to Steam and make a name for themselves. They would launch their game, watch as the positive reviews flowed in, and then watch the critical acclaim and financial success flood in, because Steam allowed them to find success in that area. Well, too bad that’s no longer the case. Developers have come forward to certain YouTubers, who follow Steam’s disastrous take on quality control, and have said Steam is too big of a gamble now, because so much garbage and games get on that storefront. Even developers like Image & Forms have told individuals like Jim Sterling that their game sold mucho bucks way more on the home consoles like Nintendo’s Switch than on Steam. Some developers even chose to be console exclusive, because you can’t make a living off of Steam anymore. When Steam can’t be a proper and easy plan to make a living as an indie developer, then that’s a massive problem! You don’t just sit back and let the community handle this situation, Valve!


Heck, even when Steam had a sort of defense against the flood of bad games, and everything I listed above with Greenlight, even if troll users would up vote intentionally garbage games just for the laughs. Do you not understand that you need to ban and expel people like this, Valve? Do you not understand why people are saying you have a quantity over quality issue? If developers, who have made you money because their hit games, are now struggling because of your incompetence and not bothering to greenlight a quality control team, that means something is wrong!


It’s amazing at how unaware Valve is about Steam, or not really caring. Their “we leave it up to everyone else to run the system” doesn’t work, and will never work at this point in time anymore. As a major company, you need to take responsibility in all of this! It shouldn’t have taken you two days to shut down a school shooting simulator! An AIDS simulator shouldn’t have even gotten on the storefront in the first place! Toxic developers should be instantly banned in every single way to never be allowed on Steam again. You have the money for it. It’s not that hard to hire a team of people to go through Steam individually to get rid of the garbage that’s in your store, and to ban developers who are being awful human beings. You know what, Valve? If it’s simply too hard to even do that because Gabe can’t be bothered to do anything anymore, then I will quit my job if you give me a big paycheck with all the benefits and do it myself! It will take some time, but I am willing to challenge you to actually start doing what people want you to do. No one wants you to open up the storefront to everyone, because not everyone there is earnest in wanting to make a good game for people to buy and play. Not everyone deserves to be on Steam! Yes, you can’t simply rely on a couple of games a month to keep your doors open, but you also can’t make a living, when developers, who have made you money are not able to make a living anymore on your storefront. This also means that any developers who would like me to cover their games will have to get on consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, because I won’t be using Steam anymore for reviews. I know Steam was the easiest way to get known, but since Valve can’t be bothered anymore to regulate their own storefront, then I have no other choice than to not support them. I know I’m one person, but everyone is starting to get sick and tired of Valve’s incompetence.